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Leak detection and repair

Maplton Plumbing and Heating is a patented, automated water leak detection system that provides 24/7 protection against flooding due to internal plumbing / pipe failures and accidental overflows. The Maplton Plumbing and Heating leak detection system automatically shuts off the water supply instantly upon detection of a water leak. It is designed for use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
Using sensitive electronic sensors at all points in the home plumbing system that are vulnerable to water leaks including hot water heater tank, dishwashers, clothes washing machines, refrigerator icemakers, under toilet tanks, central humidifiers, and under sinks, the Maplton Plumbing and Heating constantly monitors the building for a water leak. As soon as leak is detected, the controller sends a signal to a special shut-off valve on the home's main water supply line. The Maplton Plumbing and Heating controller instantly closes the valve and shuts off the water supply to the home preventing the leak from turning into a disaster.